Friday, March 13, 2009

Tales of The Tiki Bar

Tiki Bars and Boating are such a great combination. Let's face it, Captains aren't allowed to drink while operating, and in many bodies of water, there are other restrictions. That's why there's often nothing better at the end of a nice day of boating fun than a nice seat at a waterside tiki bar, with an ice-cold Corona, a Captain-and-Coke, or some umbrella-drink sitting there in front of you. Add some great music, a fun crowd [cue the eye candy] a nice view of the water and some fast boats, and it doesn't get much better. They don't always have to be decked out in bamboo and rattan, either -- because a good tiki bar is as much about attitude as it is about the design details.

We all have our favorite spots. The closest body of water near me is the chain of Portage Lakes, and there are several great places--though my personal hometown favorite remains The Olde Harbor Inn [below] on West Reservoir. They have a huge tiki bar that offers a great view of their deck and boat docks, and on a nice afternoon dozens of nice boats will cruise by to check the place out. Next door is another great spot -- Hook, Line and Drinkers -- which has a great vibe of its own.

PHOTO CREDIT:The Olde Harbor Inn


I can think of other wonderful places, like The Casino on Kellys Island [above] ...but I'd like to know about some of your favorites, either on or off the water. Send us a picture of you, your pals and your boat cooling off at a tiki bar you enjoy. If you have an extra Corona, send that too.

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Mark Underwood said...

Nice website!
Our favorite tiki bars are on Buckeye Lake. There are 13 bars on a 3500 acre lake. Capt. Woodys, PaPa Boos, Island House and many more. Good times and live music 5 nights a week viewed from your swim platform. Usually sleep on the boat at the docks and do a group breakfast run in the morning to the other end of the lake.

I only went to Portage Lake once. Didn't know where I was going and everywhere was no wake. It's been 6-7yrs. I'll have to give it anuthr shot. Looks fun.

Mark Underwood

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