Monday, March 2, 2009

Now - Big Bad Boat on Your Mobile Phone!

There are a lot of boating web sites out there--manufacturer's sites, club and organization sites, as well as all kinds of interesting performance boating forums. When we developed Big Bad Boat, the goal was not to compete with these sites, but to complement them, and frankly, highlight and promote them to others.

While we deal with a highly specialized segment of the marine world, part of our site's mission is to promote the fun aspects of performance boating, including the attitude and the lifestyle, to as many people as possible. In that way, we might be able to bring more people into the sport/hobby and shape performance boaters image as it is seen by the general public. To do that, we'll be providing a lot of "basic" info that newbies might appreciate, as well as some entertaining images and info.

But we also want to be relevant to the offshore community. To that end, we've created a mobile phone version of our site that not only includes our regular articles and posts, but some useful links to popular websites and useful mobile sites that might come in handy. Our group is pretty much always on-the-go, both on and off the water, so quick links to weather information, restaurants and taverns, ATMs and taxis--as well as your favorite drink recipes :-) could be very useful. We've also thrown in links to most of the popular offshore forums as well as related offshore organizations & poker run clubs. So, if you're on the water, you can find a watering hole, schedule your next poker run and read what people are saying about you and your friends on places like Serious Offshore...all from your iPhone.

We'd also like to point out that on the iPhone, once you go to our mobile page at, you can tap the little "+" at the bottom menu and add us to your iPhone homepage. That will add our little "button" to your iPhone...and we think it looks pretty cool. Come check us out, and let us know what you think!

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