Monday, March 30, 2009

Big Bad Boat Makes Alltop!

Wow. Getting this site going has taken some vision and some hard work...along with some help from our friends on the Internet. Over the weekend, that work was rewarded when we were notified that BigBadBoat was going to be added to the Boating section on For those of you who might not be familiar, Alltop is one of the fastest growing phenomenons on the Internet, led by former Apple employee and Fellow Guy Kawasaki. Characterizing itself as offering the "Best of The Web," Alltop is a simple-to-use RSS feed aggregator that makes it easy for people to find the top stories and information on their favorite subject areas.

Only a few sites that apply for inclusion on Alltop are accepted; that's why we're so happy to be able to make this announcement, as it's a very significant "stamp of approval" for us. It's also great because Alltop get lots of traffic, and that should generate a lot more visitors to our site...not to mention the additional promotion Alltop gets through Guy's ubiquitous presence on Twitter (the dude has over 96,000 followers.) So, while this particular post doesn't have a lot to do with offshore performance boating, it's important just the same, since it enhances the viability and visibility of the site and points the way toward some other things we are planning to do.

Among those other things we plan to do are to get our online store open, to offer you some interesting B3 goodies, and also add an in-depth features section, where we will be providing some longer-format stories--covering broader issues like racing, poker runs, offshore history, etc. Another fun project we've started, and hope to bring online very soon, is more exciting, online serialized novel called The Midnighters, which we hope you all will enjoy. Like always, be sure to send us your thoughts and ideas, so we can make this place a great resources for online performance boating, and a complementary addition to the other great sites that are out there.

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