Friday, February 20, 2009

New Checkmate Web Site followed by New Boats

Checkmate's new website has gotten great reviews already from offshore performance enthusiasts. Along with new graphics and a slick user interface, they have included an option that allows users to design their own color scheme, and alter it in various ways. Word is they are planning on doing some all-new product photography as well--probably after the ice thaws this spring in Ohio!

Even more interesting is all the talk about some new models that Checkmate has introduced at the recent Miami Boat Show, especially the 244 ZT "Mystery Boat" that has been the talk of the Checkmate performance forum for some weeks. Strangely, there has been more information about it on some other forums--particularly those associated with Baja owners--because the new model is reportedly built from the old Baja H2X molds, which are not currently being used by Fountain...

PHOTO CREDIT: Checkmate Community Forum User - Wildman

Looking at some of the other photos that have been posted, including the interior, you'd have to say it sure looks like a Baja...and that fact doesn't please some of the traditional Checkmate owners. Of course, I don't think the new boat is a bad thing - it's actually nice to see another midwest manufacturer save a decent mold from the scrapyard and put it to good use. Reportedly, the boat will do about 72mph with a 496 right out of the box, which is excellent. Especially when you consider the price of $55,900 right on the hull (you might want to take that off before hitting the lake.)

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